About B.L.O.W. Co

B.L.O.W. Co Candles

We are a small company based in Kenosha Wisconsin that specializes in all-natural candles. We get our soy wax from from an organic soy farm in a small town in Iowa, as they like to say, and beeswax that is collected from the Midwest. 

Our candles come in 4oz and 8oz mason jars and tealights

We use only pure essential oils and organic coconut oils in both waxes to ensure a long lasting candle. Our soy candles have cotton wicks and our beeswax candles have organic hemp wicks coated in beeswax. The coloring we use are both vegan friendly and cruelty free. 

Types of Candles We Offer

Soy Candles

Why Soy candles? Soy wax has advantages over other types of candle wax such as paraffin or any other, "Toxic" candles out on the market today. I like soy because it not only burns slower and is healthier than paraffin wax, but soy wax burns cleaner and can be considered a vegan friendly candle if made with the proper ingredients. 

Beeswax Candles 

So many people think beeswax is a hype. However, believe it or not beeswax candles are some of the oldest candles in history. Beeswax is all-natural. It also provides many different health benefits and who does not want that? Beeswax purifies the air by releasing negative ions that neutralize particles in the air from pollutants. Assisting in eliminating dust, odors and mold in the air. It is also known for being helpful in easing allergies as well as asthma to those nearby a candle when lit. 

The B.L.O.W. Co Name 
Our name is an Acronym for Baron Leaf Olsen and we added the Wax at the end to represent our candles. 

(B)aron (L)eaf (O)lsen (W)ax 

From being teased as a kid I had a hard time liking my name for many reasons....from not being common....to being told I stink (BO) or I that I .....well you know...lets go Jr High here....(BLO)....But now, after a close friend stated she wanted me to use my name in my candles, I thought....I love the way my candles stink and I do from time to time....blow....out my candles when I am not snuffing them out as I have intentions in my chakra candles. 

B.L.O.W. Co Candles Motto

Say PEACE OUT to the every day toxic candles you are used to burning from big name stores and hello to a new style of handmade candles made with essential oils and either premium soy wax or triple filtered beeswax