California White Sage 4"

California White Sage 4"

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This California White Sage is sustainably grown in the mountain ranges in California. It grows on private property where many different plants grow and animals roam free. These plants are not harvested (when too much is taken from a plant, crop or species it can damage that species and make it difficult to recover). The owners of this land and workers are very knowledgeable about the various plants that grow in this region and are extremely careful not to harm the plants when they are picking. 

How do you smudge your home?  First, we like to suggest cracking a window a little bit or at least being very cautious that the smoke doesn't build up too much - just something to keep an eye on.  You may set off a smoke detector if you let the smoke build up too much.

Ignite your smudge stick until there is a strong ember burning.  Blow on your smudge stick occasionally to keep the embers going, relight them as needed.  It can be very difficult to get your smudge stick burning well, some are harder than others and this is perfectly natural and normal.  Hold the smudge at an angle so the flame covers the entire end of the stick or bundle and hold the flame for around 20-30 seconds. DO NOT begin the process with a smudge stick that has a full flame - you should only have a smoldering ember in order to begin the process.

You can place the smudge stick in an abalone shell while it is smoldering, just be careful because the shell will get hot.  You can also just hold the smudge stick in your hand, just remember to be cautious of your surroundings.

Over the entire space, start in the East, then move South, West and North.  Start in a corner furthest away from the door or exit.  Move around the room eventually making your way to the exit.  Go high, low and side to side.  

Use this process throughout your home or space.  The smoke will cleanse and protect.  Make sure you get your entire space covered, be careful not to burn anything or anyone and always crack a window so the smoke does not build up too much.  Safety first! 

You may recite this JL Local blessing if you like - it is optional but many people do.  It is based on traditional ceremony and the meanings may be slightly different to different types of cultures.

The Sacred Sage Burns As I Walk With Creator
To Cleanse This Space And Protect My Home
To Heal, Bring Strength And Bring Peace
I Honor The Cycle Of Life And The Four Directions

From The New Beginning In the East, Birth
The Warmth And Light Of The South, Growth
Closing The Day, Bringing Change In the West, Maturity
The North Gives Wisdom And Guidance, Transition
To Heal And Strengthen, The Sacred Sage Burns

How do I smudge myself or someone else?  Use the same concept as smudging your home just apply the four directions to the person.  Let your smudge smoke naturally flow and fan the smoke as needed. 

What is the meaning or reasoning behind these methods?  Smudging is traditionally performed a certain way in honor of the four directions and Creator.

The four directions (North, South, East & West) have significant meaning to Native people.  When you are Smudging you are pushing out negativity and bringing in positivity and ancient tradition honors the important things in life like health, nature, stages of life, seasons of the year, the earth, the universe, animals, plants – everything around us that makes it all possible.  

The four directions:

East – Light and the start of a new day, new beginnings and the opportunity to grow and become wise.
South – Growth, our Earth and the warmth of summer.
West – Maturity, the direction of the setting sun.  Symbolic of the changing of the seasons and the end of our day.  
North – Wisdom & Guidance, the trials and journey we endure in life. 

**This information is from our suppliers website