H.w.H. - Essential Oil Chakra Bath Bombs

H.w.H. - Essential Oil Chakra Bath Bombs

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Ok, who honestly doesn't love a bath bomb that is not only handmade but also made with the finest ingredients? No one that we know over here.

But to take this to the NEXT LEVEL Healing with Holly brings you her Chakra bath bomb line.....sure each bath bomb is made with the finest ingredients BUT WAIT there is more!!

Each Chakra bath bomb has an ID tag telling you....

  • Which Chakra the bath bomb is for.
  • An affirmation for each chakra.
  • What essential oils that go with each Chakra.
  • Signs of imbalance that you may feel letting your body know that this chakra may be off.
  • BUT the BEST part.....EACH and every bath bomb comes with a crystal inside of each bath bomb!! THAT'S RIGHT.... a CRYSTAL for that Chakra in EACH BATH BOMB!!

Now if that isn't a reason to buy these, I don't know what is. Its like getting cereal as a kid just for the toy in the bottom, but this is better case this happens while you are in the bath!!....and that my friends is NEXT LEVEL SHIZ!!