Labradorite Tobacco Pipe

Labradorite Tobacco Pipe

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Labradorite is said to temper the negativity within ourselves as well. Labradorite is known for its changing colors, so it is no surprise this gemstone is known as a stone of transformation, enhancing strength of will and inner worth. The gemstone labradorite is said to stimulate the throat chakra.


Labradorite treats disorders of the eyes and brain, stimulates mental acuity, and relieves anxiety and stress. It regulates metabolism, balances hormones and relieves menstrual tension. Labradorite treats colds, gout, and rheumatism, lowers blood pressure, and aids in digestion.


What are the healing properties of labradorite? Interesting Powers to be inside of this stone that is proven to be effective:


Protection from inside and out


Treats eye disorder


Regulates blood and lowers pressure


It removes debris from previous disappointments or insecurities


It increases faith and trust 


Heals every wound from within


Strengthens physical, emotional, and spiritual life


Boosts self-determination


Sharpens psychic abilities


Expanding your sixth sense while keeping you safe and prepared


Aids self- doubts, fears, discouragements, depressions, and even brokenness


It allows your body to produce good energy vibrations for better wisdom


Balances energy bringing your reality out in the world.


The protective feature even asleep


A magnet of good luck for misfortunes.


Has great impacts on wealth, business, career growth, and life expectations.


Empowers and develop spiritual growth


Supports meditations to raise consciousness and inter-dimensional traverse. It believes it carries a tool for Shamans to have access to other dimensions of reality and knowledge.