Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil Wax Melt

Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil Wax Melt

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About the Third Eye Chakra Wax Melt...

Third Eye Chakra

  • Location – Middle of the Forehead
  • Purpose – Intuition, Imagination, Wisdom, Ability to think and make decisions
  • Element – Light
  • Affirmation – “I am tuned into the divine to follow the path towards my purpose.”
  • Oils – Lemon and Grapefruit, Mint, Basil, Rosemary


To put your intentions into these Wax Melts, speak these affirmations into them.

Third Eye Affirmations

  • I recognize the need for silence and stillness in my life.
  • The answers to all my questions lie within me.
  • I trust my inner self to guide and protect me.
  • I have nothing to prove. I am the Divine Plan manifesting itself.
  • I am full of wisdom.
  • I trust that my imagination will create a world of happiness and security for me.
  • Imagination is the lifeblood of my creativity.
  • I choose to accept myself and others exactly as we are.
  • Making mistakes enables me to learn, grow, and develop.